Dr. Meenakshi AggarwalLocal therapy in the form of massage and heat has been in use since times unknown. It was however physicians like Hippocratesand Galenus who as early as 460 B.C. established physical therapy as a modality to treat patients of their ailments. They primarily advocated manual therapy, hydrotherapy and massage. From there, the scope of best physiotherapy has tremendously increased, incorporating patient groups from newborn to very old. Physical therapy now caters to musculoskeletal disorders and injuries; neurological problems; geriatrics; antenatal and pediatrics; sports injuries; and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.

We present a centre that represents the ultimate in best physiotherapy in Chandigarh and Tricity. Our motto is to help our patients recover from their problems and return to their daily schedule comfortably. Our approach involves analyzing the medical problem thoroughly and reaching a definite diagnosis. Once our diagnosis is made, with the help of physicians if required, we formulate a plan of treatment customized for the patient benefit and comfort. Our patients are our asset and we are proud of our many success stories.

Dr Meenakshi Aggarwal graduated in physiotherapy from Banarsidass Chandiwala Institute of Physiotherapy, New Delhi in 2008. Thereafter she joined Jamia Hamdard University, one of the leading institutes imparting advanced training to best physiotherapists. She did her Masters in Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy from Jamia Hamdard University in 2010. Her research on effects of obesity on cardiopulmonary rehabilitation after CABG brought her critical acclaim. She has done extensive research on effects of rheumatoid arthritis on hand function. She completed her education by doing training in fortis escort heart institute and research centre New Delhi.

Dr Meenakshi is a very strong believer of use of combination therapy in patient management. It implies an integrated use of manual therapy, specific exercise rehabilitation, and electrotherapy to achieve optimal results. She has worked very closely with eminent orthopedicians, neurologist, and cardiologists which helps her in an in-depth understanding of the patient’s problem. This helps her in reaching a specific medical diagnosis which she believes in fundamental before beginning any form of physical therapy. She is one of the best physiotherapist in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Zirakpur and nearby areas.

In her quest to further her knowledge, she has attended many conferences and workshop. A persistent effort is being made to inculcate ethically sound and scientifically backed practices into complete patient care. Needless to say her references include eminent academicians and leading physicians who can vouch for her dedication and competency.

Dr Meenakshi has been open to liasoning with other physicians, cardiologists and surgeons. Such broad mindedness helps in timely exchange of relevant information about the patient and his medical condition. This ensures there is no lack of communication between the primary physician and the best physiotherapist.

Another important aspect of this centre is preventive physiotherapy. This concept has been very nicely furthered by Dr Meenakshi. It involves educating the aged about prevention of cardiac problems. Antenatal sessions are held for pregnant females to teach them antenatal exercises. Sportsmen are trained about injury prevention on the play field.

The centre is equipped with the latest imported rehabilitation equipment. They help in giving smooth and uniform resistance using magnecisers along with LCD display to accurately count the work done. Furthermore the electrotherapy equipment is US FDA and CE approved. We ensure quality medical care with standard equipment only.

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